Control System & DSP Programming Services

Do you require custom programming to bring your project to a completion?

We certainly have training and certifications in Crestron programming and Extron configuration.  For a time we acted as both a Crestron Services Provider (CSP) and Extron EQIP.

In fact we have dozens of Crestron programs in operation throughout Canada, and the list keeps on growing. 

Additionally, custom DSP solutions are commonly needed, whether it be BSS Soundweb London, Biamp, Symnet, and QSC.

Our programming projects have ranged from the smallest offices to large corporate multi-floor, multi-room implementations. A general sample of the nature of these projects:
  • Boardrooms & Meeting Rooms
  • Multi-Purpose Rooms, Divisible Rooms
  • Video and Audio Conference Rooms
  • Lecture Halls, Classrooms, Training Rooms
  • Control Centres
  • Healthcare Centres
  • Funeral Homes
  • Government Offices and Council Chambers
  • Museums
  • Tour Systems
  • Multipurpose Theatres
  • Convention Centres
  • Arenas
  • Lighting Control Systems (Crestron)

The owner of CarlsonTech also has several years experience in implementing campus-wide HVAC and proprietary building control system programming as well.