Welcome to CarlsonTech
"From Concept to Product"

Does your company need custom control system programming? Well, that is our speciality.

Maybe your needs involve an entire audio/visual system. We can be involved right from the initial consulting and design process.

Do you have audio problems, in your office, boardroom, or large venue? Or maybe, issues with your conferencing system? We have the training, experience, and tools to analyze your problem and come to a solution.

Perhaps you require custom electronics design. That is a service we offer.

These are our primary services.  Although, we have been known to wear a few more hats over the years as well, from general electronics repair (industrial, office equipment, consumer electronics, and more) to basic telecomm and networking support.

We hope you will choose CarlsonTech for your needs.  We represent three decades experience in the industry, so when you choose us, you are choosing a company with experience.

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